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In Madison County and throughout Southern Illinois, the skilled workplace accident injury attorneys of Galanti Law Office, P.C., help injured workers protect their rights.

Many times, an employee at a factory, warehouse, construction site or office won't realize how seriously he or she has been hurt in an accident on the job. Other times, a worker realizes it and reports it, but the employer and its insurer refuse to acknowledge the severity of the injury. Wage and medical benefits that are deserved become delayed — or denied outright.

Meanwhile, the worker must deal with an uncertain future: lost income, mounting medical bills, emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, and the prospects of either not having a job to return to or needing to be trained for another position in another profession.

You should not have to surrender to this bleak outlook. You can help Galanti Law Office, P.C., help you — by acting now to ensure that your interests are safeguarded. Our law firm has filed thousands of workplace injury claims and tried more than 500 workman's comp claims in Southern Illinois, including appeals of denied claims.

We show you how to file your claim and how to secure appropriate medical care as you recover from your work-related motor vehicle accident, repetitive trauma, construction and industrial accident, nonindustrial accident or any other kind of serious workplace injury.

Contact our East Alton law office today to arrange a free initial consultation. We can visit with you at your home or hospital room. Our contingency fee policy means you owe no attorney fee unless we obtain the Illinois workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

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