Workers' Compensation FAQ

St. Clair County Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have been injured on the job and are applying for workers' compensation benefits for the first time, or you have been injured before and have a better understanding of the process, you may still have questions about the system of workers' compensation. These are some of the more frequently asked questions at my firm of Galanti Law Office, P.C.

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Workers' Compensation FAQ From an Experienced Illinois Lawyer

Can I be terminated for filing a workers' compensation case?

One of the most common concerns from injured workers who want to file for benefits is about employment status and whether they can be terminated after filing. There are laws in Illinois that are set up to protect injured workers from such practices and it is important that people exercise their rights under workers' comp. Your employer cannot fire you simply for filing for workers' compensation benefits.

What kind of benefits can I expect to receive?

While the individual circumstances will dictate what benefits a worker can expect to receive, generally, workers' compensation will provide replacement income, medical expenses and in some cases, vocational rehabilitation benefits for training, schooling and job placement assistance. Usually, these benefits are two-thirds of our average wage up to a fixed ceiling, but are also tax free.

Who can I see for my injuries? Can I see my own doctor?

In every case, a worker who is injured on the job needs to seek out medical treatment as soon as possible. Often, injured workers will be referred to a doctor by their employer. After talking with an attorney, however, you can better understand when you may see your own doctor and how to receive comprehensive medical treatment for your injuries or illness.

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