Amputations And Prosthetics

St. Clair County Accidents Resulting in Amputation and Prosthetics

The loss of an arm, leg, hand or foot in an accident is like no other type of injury and can have devastating effects on your physical, and emotional, well-being. Adapting to an amputation, and the possible use of a prosthetic, is a gradual process that is never easy. It is important to obtain the benefits that you need after a serious accident to be able to afford the medical treatment and rehabilitation that is critical to the recovery process.

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In the short term, injured workers who have suffered an amputation need time to heal. It is common for amputation victims to experience phantom pains in their nerve endings, as well as real pain from the accident itself. While the short terms problems of amputations are very apparent, there are also many long term difficulties adapting to such a permanent disability.

Financial expenses not only include initial medical care, emergency room treatment and surgery, but can also include prosthetics, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Workers' compensation and disability benefits may be able to provide for these future medical costs.

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