Madison County Defective Equipment Accident Attorney

If you were seriously injured at work by a malfunctioning product — anything from a stapler or copy machine in an office to manufacturing machinery or a forklift in a warehouse — and have been sidelined from your job while your employer's insurer delays payment of benefits, Galanti Law Office, P.C., is here to help.

With thousands of workplace injury claims filed and more than 500 workers' compensation injury claims tried during our many years of experience, Galanti Law Office lawyers have helped workers in Southern Illinois protect their rights.

The defective or malfunctioning product that injured you — causing pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills — may have been designed improperly, lacked a hazard warning label or revealed a critical design flaw. Regardless of the circumstances of your workplace product defect accident and serious injury or a loved one's wrongful death in such an accident, we work hard to obtain wage and medical benefits for the injured, death benefits for surviving family members and generally win the justice you deserve.

Many workers in Southern Illinois are injured every day by products they use in the course of their employment. We gather the facts of these accidents, present them to insurers for skillful negotiation and are always fully prepared to go to court if necessary. We may even be able to sue the producer, designer or promoter of such a product in a third-party legal action.

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Have you become disabled as a result of a defective product accident at your workplace? Do you have questions about what to do next or about the workers' comp legal process in our state?

Contact our skilled Madison County defective equipment accident lawyers to secure your free initial consultation. We can come to you if you are too injured to come to us — and our contingency fee policy means you owe no attorney fee unless we are successful in acquiring benefits for you.

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