Madison County Knee Injury Attorney

Has a serious knee injury suffered in an accident at your job sidelined you and saddled you with medical debt, lost wages and an uncertain future?

You can trust the experienced Madison County, Illinois, workers' compensation attorneys of Galanti Law Office, P.C., to protect your rights when your employer and its insurer take your knee injury lightly.

During our many years of successful service, we have filed thousands of claims for injured workers and tried more than 500 workers' comp accident injury claims on behalf of loyal, hardworking employees just like you.

Our skilled Southern Illinois work injury law firm investigates the cause of the job accident that seriously injured your knee, brings its fact-finding to negotiation with an insurance company and can aggressively advocate in court for you if necessary.

At Galanti Law Office, we know the challenges you face. You, on the other hand, know how painful and potentially disabling a knee injury can be. If anyone knows the impact of lost income and medical bills, you do. And you know how emotionally dispiriting it is to face each day without a job — with only grueling therapy and medical treatments to look forward to.

Did you suffer your serious knee injury in an industrial or nonindustrial setting? Were you hurt by defective equipment or heavy machinery? Did you damage one or both knees in a fall from great heights? Regardless of the circumstances, Galanti Law Office ensures that someone will champion your cause and work hard for the wage and medical benefits you deserve.

To add to your comfort and convenience, we offer a free consultation at your home or hospital room if your knee injury prevents travel and a contingency fee policy that frees you of attorney fees unless we win your case.

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Contact the experienced Madison County knee injury lawyers of Galanti Law Office, P.C. Call us toll free at 877-655-1468 or send an email message. We provide discounts for union and military members.