Madison County Attorney Handling Loss Of Vision Cases

If you suffered damaged hearing or loss of vision in a workplace accident in Southern Illinois, you need experienced workers' compensation attorneys on your side — lawyers who will protect your rights when your employer and its insurer refuse to recognize your hardship.

In Madison County and St. Clair County and throughout the region, the law firm that aggressively safeguards your interests is Galanti Law Office, P.C., in East Alton.

David M. Galanti and Giambattista “J.B.” Patti aggressively advocate for you if an employer or its insurer fails to acknowledge the severity of your hearing or vision loss. These skilled workers' compensation lawyers investigate what caused your job accident, gather the facts of your case and take them to your employer's insurance company for skillful negotiation on your behalf.

We show you how to file your claim and how to secure appropriate medical care as you recover from your work-related vision or hearing loss in a motor vehicle accident, construction or industrial accident or any other kind of serious workplace injury.

When you align yourself with Galanti Law Office, you are being represented by a law firm that has filed thousands of work accident injury claims and tried more than 500 workers' compensation claims for people just like you. We have the resources, the responsiveness to your goals and the reputation for results that can benefit you.

Madison County Lawyers For Hearing Loss In The Workplace In Southern Illinois

Was your vision loss caused by a welding accident? Was your hearing loss caused by a workplace with constant, deafening noise? Whether the accident that damaged your faculties happened in an industrial or nonindustrial atmosphere, we can help with in-depth investigation, skillful negotiation with insurers and forceful litigation against them in court if necessary.

Our experienced, quality legal services are all about your comfort and convenience. This commitment is why we offer a contingency fee basis for our hard work. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case — and the wage and medical benefits you need to recover from your accident, restore your health and return to your job.

Our attorneys offer free initial consultations arranged at 877-655-1468 toll free, from wherever you are in Southern Illinois, or by email. Contact Galanti Law Office, P.C. Union members and military veterans receive discounts on our legal fees.