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How do I use an eyewash station?

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. But in truth, your eyes also serve as your window on the world. And an eye is an extremely vulnerable organ. Think about it; most of the time your eyes are protected only by thin, blinking layers of skin and lashes. And if you work in an environment that contains hazardous chemicals, it is best that you always wear eye protection in the form of glasses or goggles.

Crane operator airlifted to Illinois hospital after accident

If you operate construction equipment for a living, a workplace accident can occur on any ordinary day. One minute you're on the job tending to your tasks and then without warning you are dealing with a potentially life-changing incident. Even if you are a skilled and careful worker, you could suffer a serious injury in an unexpected event. And in the aftermath, you will need resources for your recovery.

What safety precautions should workers be taught about racks?

If you have a job in a warehouse or an industrial workplace, it is likely that the majority of the materials are stored on steel racking units. Typically, the racked material is wrapped and stacked on pallets. In order to maximize the amount of material that can be stored, the rack units are usually very tall.

Utility knives can inflict deep wounds

Some simple tasks are deceptively dangerous. Take, for example, using a utility knife. If you work in a warehouse or any other environment where you open boxes and other kinds of packaging, utility knives are indispensable tools. They can be used to cut shrink wrap, cardboard boxes and strapping. The knives employ retractable blades that must be razor sharp to perform these tasks. But just as a blade can effectively puncture cardboard or plastic, it can also slice through your flesh to the bone.

How can I tell if machine safeguards are properly configured?

If your job involves operating heavy machinery such as a drill press, table saw, band saw or lathe, you are likely aware that you need to take great care to avoid injuries. These machines employ the use of blades, bits and other hard, sharp items that could sever fingers and hands in an instant. Of course, your safety is partially contingent upon paying close attention to your tasks and not rushing. But there are also steps that are necessary to ensure that the machine itself is safe for use.

Painters, stylists, and others vulnerable to bladder cancer

Some of life's greatest dangers are also the most subtle. Cancer, for example, is a quiet killer. All too often by the time people discover they have some form of cancer, it is past the point of being treated successfully. In other cases, it may be possible to beat cancer, but the treatment can be both physically challenging and expensive.

Permanent disability can mean a permanent need for benefits

In a very unexpected manner, you were seriously injured at work. And now you are faced with the prospect of being unable to ever return to your job. This can be one of the most challenging circumstances that anyone has to contend with, especially if your job is a large part of your identity or if you have a family to provide for.

Auto shop safety starts with responsible management

Because of the advances in automotive technology, the science of auto mechanics has greatly evolved over the years. Mechanics must now understand not only how to work with engines and other auto parts, but computers as well. In fact, any problem plaguing one of today's automobiles can likely be discovered by running system diagnostics that are interpreted by a computer program.

Pre-work inspections can help prevent belt sander injuries

Sanding wood is one of the most tedious tasks that carpenters and construction workers have to perform. But sanding is also a necessity for smoothing wood objects so they can be properly finished. Typically, a belt sander is used to get the job done as quickly as possible. And while belt sanders pose much less danger than other tools, such as saws and drills, they can still cause painful injuries that require medical treatment.

Psychological treatment often part of amputation recovery process

The loss of a limb in a work-related accident will have a profound effect on a victim's life. First, there is the obvious fact that recovery time for such a devastating injury can be long and arduous. And unlike, say, a broken bone, amputated body parts do not heal. And while severed limbs, hands, and feet can be replaced with prosthetics, the process can be complicated as the patient must learn how to function with the artificial substitute.