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Workers' Compensation Archives

Crane operator airlifted to Illinois hospital after accident

If you operate construction equipment for a living, a workplace accident can occur on any ordinary day. One minute you're on the job tending to your tasks and then without warning you are dealing with a potentially life-changing incident. Even if you are a skilled and careful worker, you could suffer a serious injury in an unexpected event. And in the aftermath, you will need resources for your recovery.

Permanent disability can mean a permanent need for benefits

In a very unexpected manner, you were seriously injured at work. And now you are faced with the prospect of being unable to ever return to your job. This can be one of the most challenging circumstances that anyone has to contend with, especially if your job is a large part of your identity or if you have a family to provide for.

There is hope for workers who have had claims rejected

Receiving a letter of rejection is always a bitter pill to swallow. But while it is painful to be turned down for something like a job or school scholarship, people typically find a way to rebound and move on from such disappointments. However, there are other occasions in which a rejection could cause very serious circumstances. For example, having a workers' compensation claim denied could affect both your financial life and your future health and well-being.

State lawmakers eye workers' compensation in budget battle

Hopefully, you will be able to get through your entire work life without ever suffering an injury or illness. But should you ever experience such misfortune, you can usually file for workers' compensation to offset your financial costs. However, the system that allows workers to receive appropriate compensation for on-the-job injuries is facing potential alteration.

Workers' compensation not just for injuries suffered on the job

Workers' compensation provides employees with the funds they need to cover expenses created by injuries suffered while on the job. So perhaps you believe these benefits will only be provided if you are injured while directly engaging in the tasks of your job. Actually, workers' compensation benefits can also extend to injuries that occur or have occurred outside the framework of your daily tasks.

You have the right to appeal a denied workers' compensation claim

If you are injured on the job, you are likely eligible to receive workers' compensation. Your workers' compensation benefits can be especially critical if your injury is expensive to treat or forces you to miss days of work. Typically, if you report your injury to your employer and file your claim correctly, you should receive some measure of financial recompense to cover your expenses.

Governor's proposal could negatively affect workers' compensation

Almost every work environment has some form of potential dangers. Construction sites are rife with hazards as workers must use heavy machinery and are often performing tasks on scaffolds and ladders. Warehouse workers are often required to lift heavy objects, leaving them vulnerable to back injuries. And those performing less physical tasks in schools or offices can fall victim to the debilitating symptoms of depression. The list goes on and on.

Pirates among the first to receive workers' compensation

You may believe that workers' compensation is a relatively new concept. In the United States, we are often prone to associate the implementation of such benefits with the Industrial Revolution or with the progressive programs introduced in the 1930s. But the idea of giving recompense to a worker who was injured on the job predates both of these periods of history. In fact an early variation of workers' compensation was employed among a rather surprising workforce; 18th century pirates.

Court issues ruling affecting occupational disease lawsuits

Workers' compensation is intended to help pay for medical and other expenses that result when an employee is either injured on the job or develops an illness or condition that is linked to the job. It is very important that workers' compensation claims be filed in a timely manner because to do otherwise could prohibit the injured employee from receiving benefits.

Hardworking Illinoisans often face workplace hazards

It is a simple fact that some of the hardest working Illinoisans are also the citizens most likely to suffer serious injuries while on the job. For example, the men and women who get up early to work long days on construction sites climb to great heights on scaffolding or ladders. Construction workers may also have to do some very heavy lifting and operate potentially dangerous machinery.